Affinity Sutton Customer Services Contact Numbers and Review

Phone Number:

0300 100 0303

Calls to 0871 numbers cost 13p per minute plus your phone company access charge.

Affinity Sutton Customer Services
0300 100 0303
Affinity Sutton Tenancy Fraud
0208 285 4322
Affinity Sutton Press Office
0203 640 2574
Affinity Sutton Press Office Alternative
0771 826 9023

Affinity Sutton Customer Services

Affinity Sutton customer services contact number is 0300 100 0303. The lines are open from 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday, with exception of Wednesday. On Wednesday, the lines are open from 10 am to 8 pm. Contact Affinity Sutton customer services number for general enquiries. For example, you want to learn about Affinity Sutton housing, Affinity Sutton repairs and Affinity Sutton rent. Furthermore, if you require more information on Affinity Sutton report a repair, Affinity Sutton service charges and Affinity Sutton ways to pay rent, get in touch. Likewise, you can also contact Affinity Sutton for requesting information about Affinity Sutton leaseholders and Affinity Sutton shared ownership.

In addition to all of these, should you need to learn more about Affinity Sutton apprenticeship, Affinity Sutton benefits and Affinity Sutton tenancy support, contact them here. Similarly, if you need help with Affinity Sutton apply for housing or Affinity Sutton transfer application, they will help you out. Then for help regarding Affinity Sutton private sales of home and Affinity Sutton mortgage as well, the number will come in handy.

The number is also applicable for Affinity Sutton emergency contact. For Affinity emergency repairs, defined as damage to health, residents’ and public safety or serious damage to property, this is the number to call. For example, your property is insecure after a break-in or there is a major leak. Likewise, if there is a loss of drinking water or complete loss of lighting and power.

Moving forward, other than calling them, you might as well drop an email at the Affinity Sutton email [email protected]. However, you can also get in touch with Affinity Sutton online by filling in the contact form. The form is available at the Affinity Sutton to contact us page. You can use it to send in Affinity Sutton complaints, compliments and suggestions.

Also, there are help topics available on their self-help tool on the Affinity Sutton contact page. There is help available for the Affinity Sutton rent account as well.

Moreover, you might as well get in touch with them in writing. You can post your letter to the following Affinity Sutton postal address.

Maple House
157-159 Masons Hill

Also, you can find relevant help for their shared ownership services through the Affinity Sutton shared ownership FAQs.

Likewise, help with respect to the Affinity Sutton residents services is available at the Affinity Sutton residents handbook FAQs.

Affinity Sutton Tenancy Fraud

Affinity Sutton tenancy fraud contact number is 0208 285 4322. Basically, if you have experienced unlawful subletting or someone has gone against the Affinity Sutton tenancy agreement, you can make a referral through this hotline number.

Alternatively, you can make a referral through email as well. For this purpose, make use of the email address [email protected].

Affinity Sutton Press Office

Affinity Sutton press office contact number is 0203 640 2574. Communications manager at Affinity Sutton is Lucy Pond. Should you have Affinity Sutton media enquiries, such as those related to Affinity Sutton news and Affinity Sutton research, get in touch with her.

You can also send her an email at [email protected].

Affinity Sutton Press Office Alternative

Affinity Sutton press office alternative contact number is 0771 826 9023. Basically, in case you cannot reach Lucy at the above-mentioned number, you can ring her on this mentioned mobile number as a substitute.

Affinity Sutton on Social Media

Affinity Sutton

Affinity Sutton

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        Emergency services


          Tenancy Fraud Dealing



            • Help and advice for residents available online
            • Effectively deals with tenancy fraud
            • Provides home renting services as well


            • Not much contacts on social media
            • OPening hours for all the numbers not mentioned
            • Not many contact numbers available

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