Gumtree Customer Services Contact Numbers and Review

Phone Number:

0208 605 3325

Calls to 0871 numbers cost 13p per minute plus your phone company access charge.

Gumtree Customer Services
0208 605 3325
Gumtree Motors
0203 580 0800
Gumtree Property
0203 580 0900
Gumtree Media
0203 580 0600
Gumtree Services
0203 580 0500
Gumtree Jobs
0203 580 0700

Gumtree Customer Services

Gumtree customer services contact number is 0208 605 3325. Should you have any questions to ask from Gumtree and need assistance with using it, you can simply call them here. Whether you are a Gumtree seller or a Gumtree buyer, all your queries will be addressed using this number. Also, in case you need help with your Gumtree account, for example, Gumtree account password reset or make use of the cancel my Gumtree account option, they are there for you. Support for Gumtree returns policy is also available through this number. In addition to this, if you think you have been scammed, report it here.

Moving forward, you can also make use of the Gumtree live chat option to get in touch with them. There will appear a live chat form that you will fill to start the live chat.

You can also get help from Help Me Gumtree Twitter account. To get help from there, Tweet @HelpMeGumtree.

To learn how to Gumtree post an ad, you can check out the Gumtree guides in series. You do not need a Gumtree free classified ads number to equip yourself with knowldge of making a good Gumtree ad. Instead, you can check out these guides. There, you will learn everything, ranging from Gumtree account setup to Gumtree create an ad to how to Gumtree edit your ad.

In addition to these, you can go through the Gumtree FAQs to learn about the issues people mostly struggle with while on Gumtree.

Another page that you can check out for learning useage of Gumtree is the Gumtree how to buy page. Every bit of information for new buyers is mentioned there. This includes knowledge about searching for your preferred Gumtree item for sale to finally making Gumtree payment.

Gumtree for Police

If you are from the police,Trading Standards or another law enforcement agency, you can get in touch with them at Gumtree email [email protected]. Gumtree will address all your concerns and queries through this email.

Gumtree Motors

Gumtree motors contact number is 0203 580 0800. Basically, if you are looking to sell your vehicles through Gumtree, this is where you contact. They deal with all kinds of makes. Therefore, if you wish to partner with Gumtree to sell your cars online, Gumtree motors will facilitate you.

Now, if you are confused as to why should you go for Gumtree, you can check out the why gumtree motors page. There, they have enlisted all the reasons for you to choose them.

Then, in case you are not sure about how to sell your cars well on Gumtree, you can look through the Gumtree hints and tips for cars. Ranging from getting the information right to making your ad stand out among others, you wil get to learn all the effectivev tips!

If any of this does not solve your issues, you can also check out the Gumtree motors FAQs. Most probably, you will find answers to all your queries there. In case that does not work either, then you can always give them a call on the mentioned number.

Gumtree Property

Gumtree property contact number is 0203 580 0900. Apart from Gumtree retail and sale, they also deal in properties. Therefore, if you ever want to look for a tenant easily and effectively, give them a call! They not only deal in private property and flats, but if you wish to buy commercial property, they have vast options for you. Moreover, if you wish to sell your property through Gumtree, you can ask dor advice on advertisement via mentioned number.

At Gumtree property, you will meet Gumtree letting agents, Gumtree private landlords, Gumtree commercial agents and Gumtree online agents. Then, if you want to sell property of your own, you can also become any one of these as applicable.

Moreover, there is a contact form at the end of the respective page for Gumtree property. You can fill out that form to get advice on what to do for either selling or buying a property through them. Also, just before the form, you will also get to know about the extras you can add to make your property stand out.

Gumtree Media

Gumtree media contact number is 0203 580 0600. If you are interested in learning about media part of the Gumtree, you can get in touch with Gumtree media team here. This implies, if you wish to know about the Gumtree audience or the medis team’s Gumtree research, you can contact them. On the respective page, you have access to the audience Gumtree has. There, you will also see the ratio that it makes for the total customer base.

Then, if you are interested in learning about the Gumtree advertising solutions, you can check out the respective page here. They have put up all their research on effective advertising up there! However, if you have any questions about any of the solutions, ask them from their media team.

Similarly, if you need to get an insight into their media team research, they have shared them at the bottom of the Gumtree media page. You can click on one you would like to read more about..

Moving forward, if you were contacting them for requesting the Gumtree ad formats, you can simply get them here.

In case you have any query even after going through all these pages, you can send it using the Gumtree media contact form. At the end of the form, you will also meet with the members of their media team!

Gumtree Services

Cumtree Services contact number is 0203 580 0500. Well, if you are running a service business in the UK, you can sell your services through this Gumtree portal. Since Gumtree has a large customer base, there is a demand for Gumtree services as well. Therefore, you can become a Gumtree plumber, Gumtree electrician or even a Gumtree blacksmith by joining their services. To explore your options and sell your services, get in touch with them now.

When you open the page for services, you will see the two kinds of packages available. There is a Gumtree pay as you go package and another for rather larger companies called the pro-account subscription. Also, you will get to know the features that are included in each. You can also get a bespoke package from their service team.

Moreover, to get in touch with them, you can make use of the contact form available at the end of the respective page. After you have submitted the filled form, a member of their service team will shortly contact you as per your choice of contact initiation.

Gumtree Jobs

Gumtree Jobs contact number is 0203 580 0700. You can even look for candidates for a vacancy at your business through Gumtree. They also facilitate job seekers. In addition to buying their hiring service, you can also sell all these services. This implies that if you are a jobless plumber or electrician, you can simply advertise your services using Gumtree jobs. For this purpose, you can also fill out the Gumtree jobs contact form at the end of the respective page. They will get back to you with advertising options suiting your needs.

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            • All kinds of purchases can be made
            • Really appealing sale on certain items daily
            • Easy to make a deal


            • Sellers might turn out to be scammers
            • Might not be as helpful if not known how to make ads effectively
            • Not many options to contact customer services

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