Selfridges Customer Service Contact Numbers and Review

Phone Number:

0800 123 400

Calls to 0871 numbers cost 13p per minute plus your phone company access charge.

Selfridges Customer Service
-Free Number-
0800 123 400
Selfridges Abroad
+44 (0)207 160 6222
Selfridges Gift Card
0845 122 2504
Selfridges Women’s Personal Shopping
0207 318 3536
Selfridges Women’s Personal Shopping
(Manchester Exchange Square)
0161 838 0707
Selfridges Women’s Personal Shopper
-Manchester Trafford-
0770 139 6294
Selfridges Women’s Homeware Personal Shopper
-Manchester Trafford-
0773 875 5371
Selfridges Personal Shopping
0772 094 8010
Selfridges Men’s Personal Shopping
0207 788 6103
Selfridges Men’s Personal Shopper
-Manchester Trafford-
07581 465 9497

Selfridges Customer Service


Selfridges customer service free number is 0800 123 400. The helpline is available for 24 hours and seven days a week. Feel free to make contact with them when you yourself have any question regarding Selfridges products and the Selfridges customer services in the UK. As an example, if you need to put Selfridges orders, make Selfridges payments and inquire about the Selfridges offers and Selfridges discount code, they enable you to out. This is the number to make contact with when you wish to explore the Selfridges sale stock. Then, you are able to inquire about the Selfridges offered products including Selfridges dresses for men and women, Selfridges baby stuff, Selfridges jewellery, Selfridges designer bags, Selfridges earrings, Selfridges flowers and Selfridges beauty items.

Similarly, if you’re having any technical issues utilising the Selfridges website, such as for instance for example Selfridges online tracking, Selfridges login problem, contact them utilising the given Selfridges Customer Service free number. Upon contact, you could request new Selfridges gift cards, if your Selfridges cards are lost, stolen or damaged. To know more in regards to the Selfridges UK delivery options, Selfridges click & collect, and Selfridges online returns, use free Selfridges contact number 0800 123 400. You are able to avail the Selfridges ear piercing service also. You will get to know in regards to the Selfridges events.  And when you’re unable to acquire the exact Selfridges stores, their contact details, get touching them. You’ll understand the Selfridges stores opening and closing times, Selfridges stores contact number and Selfridges stores extra services. Alternately, send them a contact via Selfridges email address [email protected]. If you prefer to write, you are able to send your handwritten complaint, suggestions, feedback to the following Selfridges customer support address:

Selfridges & Co
400 Oxford Street

Selfridges Abroad

Selfridges Abroad contact number is +44 (0)207 160 6222. They’re available during the Selfridges opening times. Contact the helpline if you’re abroad and want to ask any question regarding Selfridges branded products including Selfridges shirts, Selfridges headphones, Selfridges dresses, Selfridges travel accessories and Selfridges home appliances. Then inquire about the Selfridges sales offer. You will get to know about the Selfridges a-z brands and can shop your favourite Selfridges bridal products. To learn exactly about the Selfridges exchange policy and the process of returns, you need to call the Selfridges abroad number +44 (0)207 160 6222.

You are able to further have the assistance in tracking your Selfridges order and Selfridges store address. In an unlike case, if you want to cancel a Selfridges order or need to produce any changes to your Selfridges international delivery, contact them the moment possible. Then you can understand the Selfridges stock availability, Selfridges Christmas gifts and Selfridges buying guides. You could as well contact them online via the Selfridges contact form.

Selfridges Gift Card


Selfridges Gift card contact number is 0845 122 2504. They are available 24/7. By calling, you can get to learn all about the Selfridges gift card and how to make use of it. Then, they’ll inform you about the advantages of Selfridges gift cards for you and your business as well. You are able to select from the extensive array of Selfridges gifts including Selfridges gifts for men and Selfridges gifts for women. You can buy the Selfridges gift card online and can place your order within the phone. Therefore, to check the Selfridges gift card balance, or to stop the Selfridges gift card services you might dial the Selfridges contact telephone number 0845 122 2504.

Selfridges Women’s Personal Shopping (London)


Selfridges Women’s personal shopping number is 0207 318 3536. The helpline is open Monday through Saturday, 9:30 am to 9:00 pm and Sunday, 11:30 pm to 6:00 pm. As women, from London, if you need to place Selfridges orders or have any queries regarding the Selfridges London store extra services, dial the given number during the Selfridges opening times. You can deal any queries related to Selfridges personal shopping, including amazing Selfridges women’s beauty products, Selfridges women’s handbags and Selfridges make up kits.

And, they’ll let you know about the Selfridges London sale, Selfridges London discount code, Selfridge offers over the Selfridges Women’s personal shopping number is 0207 318 3536. Furthermore, you’re able to learn about Selfridges car parking area, Selfridges restaurant and bars, Selfridges click and collect services. You can as well talk to the Selfridges personal shopping team and can book an appointment with the Selfridges London store contact number 0207 318 3536.

Selfridges Women’s Personal Shopping (Manchester Exchange Square)


Selfridges Women’s Personal Shopping (Manchester Exchange Square) contact number is 0161 838 0707. You can get in touch with them Monday, 10 am to 7 pm, Tuesday through Friday, 10 am to 8 pm, Saturday, 9 am to 8 pm and Sunday, 11 am to 5.30 pm respectively. If you need any Selfridges shopping advice, Selfridges special gift packs, Selfridges and co wardrobe outfits, please dial the Selfridges Manchester store number 0161 838 0707. You are able to ask all your questions regarding Selfridges dressing gown, Selfridges bridesmaid dresses, Selfridges Gucci for girls, Selfridges e-voucher and more…This is also the number to make an appointment at the Selfridges Manchester Exchange Square. For more info and Selfridges support, do write them to the following address:

Selfridges & Co
1 Exchange Square Central
M3 1BD

Selfridges Women’s Personal Shopper (Manchester Trafford)


Selfridges Women’s Personal Shopper (Manchester Trafford) contact number is 0770 139 6294. They are available from Monday, 10 am 9 pm, Tuesday through Friday, 10 am to 10 pm, Saturday, 10 am to 9 pm and Sunday, 11.30 am to 6 pm. By calling, you’ll have the complete information linked to Selfridges women products including Selfridges shoes, Selfridges jewellery, Selfridges fragrances and Selfridges perfect gift items.

You can get to know concerning the Selfridges Manchester jobs and open vacancies as well. To be able to talk with the women’s personal shopper, you are able to book your appointment with the aid of Selfridges Manchester Trafford contact number 0770 139 6294. Also, write them to:

Selfridges & Co
The Trafford Centre
M17 8DA

Selfridges Women’s Homeware Personal Shopper (Manchester Trafford)

Selfridges Women’s Homeware Personal Shopper (Manchester Trafford) contact number is 0773 875 5371. You can contact the Selfridges expert during the Selfridges Manchester Trafford opening hours. If you’re fond of beautiful and extraordinary Selfridges homeware and want to place an order, please connect with them.  Upon contact, you could have the whole buying guide and seek Selfridges homeware personal suggestions about this specific matter. If you prefer the best gift for the loved ones or dream outfit for any special event or get Selfridges decorative accessories, then you might contact the Selfridges personal shopping homeware number 0773 875 5371 to find the best assistance. Also, contact them for Selfridges delivery and refunds process.

Selfridges Personal Shopping Birmingham


Selfridges Personal Shopping Birmingham contact number is 0772 094 8010. The helpline is open Monday through Wednesday, 10 am to 8 pm, Thursday and Friday, 10 am to 9 pm, Saturday, 9 am to 9 pm and Sunday, 11 am to 5.30 pm. Contact them to book an appointment with their dedicated Selfridges Birmingham team. You are also able to reach them online via the Selfridges Birmingham email id [email protected].

And, if you prefer some sort of makeup advice from Selfridges Birmingham and expert suggestions on Selfridges beauty products you then make use of Selfridges contact number Birmingham 0772 094 8010. Then you can select your amazing outfits including Selfridges dresses, Selfridges rings, Selfridges swimwear, Selfridges d&g sunglasses and can know whether they will suit you or not by seeking the Selfridges e-commerce personal shopper guide. Alternately, if you got more Selfridges Birmingham extra services question including Selfridges Birmingham jobs, do write them to these Selfridges address:

Selfridges & Co
The Bullring
Upper Mall East Birmingham
B5 4BP

Selfridges Men’s Personal Shopping (London)

Selfridges Men’s Personal Shopping (London) contact number is 0207 788 6103. The helpline is available during the Selfridges London opening hours. This is the Selfridges London contact number when you wish to know something related to Selfridges men’s products including Selfridges aftershave, Selfridges all saints, Selfridges wallet and Selfridges jeans. You can get to know in regards to the Selfridges food hall and Selfridges rooftops as well. Similarly get touching them in you’ll need to buy a Selfridges voucher. Furthermore, you are able to as well talk to the Selfridges men’s personal shopper by booking an appointment with the Selfridges men’s personal contact number 0207 788 6103.

Selfridges Men’s Personal Shopper (Manchester Trafford)


Selfridges Men’s Personal Shopper (Manchester Trafford) contact number is 07581 465 9497. Just dial the number between the Selfridges Manchester Centre opening hours. If you have got any question related to Selfridges men’s wide variety of products including Selfridges watches, Selfridges Versace items, Selfridges e-cigarette and Selfridges suits and Selfridges e-gift you might dial the Selfridges personal shopper contact number 07581 465 9497. You are able to request for the Selfridges men’s expert also and can book your appointments on the phone.

Tips for Contacting Selfridges UK

Besides, contacting the Selfridges contact numbers, you can get in touch with them using these communications mediums:

Contact Selfridges via Social Media




Selfridges a-z brands


    Selfridges food hall


      Selfridges jobs


        Selfridges car park


          Selfridges d&g jeans



            • Selfridges sale offers
            • Easy to get Selfridges discount code
            • Branded Selfridges shoes
            • Easy to use Selfridges app
            • Modern Selfridges bar


            • Costly Selfridges denim jackets
            • Limited Selfridges earrings
            • No Selfridges employee discount
            • Harder to get Selfridges e-card
            • No fresh Selfridges cakes

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